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Thermal mat VW Caddy | 8 pieces | Year of manufacture until 2020

Thermal mat VW Caddy | 8 pieces | Year of manufacture until 2020

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The VW Caddy thermal mat scores points thanks to the 7-layer Thermoflex material with the best insulating properties against cold and heat.
Thanks to the reflective surface, sunlight and cold are repelled. The high-quality, breathable Thermoflex material creates an improved room climate.

The thermal mats are easily attached to the inside of the panes using the suction cups provided.
In addition to its thermal properties, the thermal mat prevents prying eyes at the campsite due to its precise fit.

A long service life of the 8-piece set is guaranteed by the double-stitched border and high-quality eyelets.

The thermal mats are washable and easy to clean. To bring color into the vehicle interior, you can choose between two colors (gray or black).
High-quality quilt in premium quality, gives your vehicle an elegant look inside.

1 mat for the front window, 1 mat for the driver's seat window, 1 mat for the passenger seat window, 1 mat for behind the driver's seat, 1 mat behind the passenger seat, 1 mat for the second row left and right, 1 mat for the rear window

  • Thermal mat VW Caddy
  • 8 pieces for the entire vehicle
  • TOP insulation against cold and heat
  • Breathable
  • Privacy protection
  • Easy construction
  • Incl. suction cups
  • Vehicle-specific fit
  • High-quality 7-layer Thermoflex material
  • Premium quality quilt
  • is attached to the inside of the vehicle windows
  • Classy look
  • in 2 colors (gray or black)
  • double stitched border
  • Made in Europe
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